Human Design Readings

These readings are designed around a blend of human design and astrology. I believe when these two systems are applied together they provide my clients with a rich understanding of themselves. The feedback from them has shown that the areas of life with the most tension or struggle are lighter after understanding how their energetic blueprint can help them move more easily in the world. People find relief in this validation! 

Human design is an elaborate and complex system. The nuances are vast and because of this, I intuit which pieces of your design, based on our conversation and my understanding of energy, will best support you during your session. Each session is unique and for this reason I ask that you are open and receptive to what you are most required to hear right now. 

Astrology is an ancient system that allows people to not only discover their basic personality traits, but is a gentle map that leads you back to yourself by studying the stars the moment you were born.

A typical human design reading lasts about 90 minutes and is conducted either in person or over the phone.

 $199 first session

$149 subsequent sessions

Price per extra 30 minutes: $49

intuitive Coaching

Intuitive coaching addresses a specific current struggle. I utilize human design and astrology to provide distinct guidance for you. These sessions are designed to be shorter, but closer in frequency. Each session lasts 30 minutes and is conducted either in person or over the phone.

$100 for first session

$49 for subsequent sessions